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Our Story

I discovered juicing a few years ago and became intrigued by the benefits that can be gained from the pure goodness of cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices.

The more I studied nutrition and specifically juicing I learned that common deficiencies

and excesses in our diet can be directly related to chronic illness - cardiovascular,

diabetes, hypertension, osteoporosis – from which too many of us will predictably

suffer down the line. It began to make simple sense to counter the possible onset of

these so called, ‘lifestyle diseases’. For someone who was not overly health

conscious, (I certainly have my vices!) I discovered along the way that nutritious

can be totally delicious!


Initially experimenting at home using my first countertop press, (believe me I

pressed a lot of fruit and veg!) I supplied friends, family and anyone who’d care to try

what I called, ‘liquid gold’! I was at great pains to develop a series of

well-balanced pressed fruit and vegetable combinations to create amazing

tasting cold-pressed juices, and smoothies that would complement each other,

be nutritionally balanced and supercharge your health.


What started out as a passion, evolved in to a business idea. Spurred on

by my wife and a pandemic, along with support from friends and family I

decided to step things up and bought a large press to go into production.

From the outset I wanted to be as sustainable and organic as possible which

meant sourcing locally for quality produce and suppliers, and using glass, which is

exactly what we do.


We launched in 2021 and gained a following with our distinctive presence. You

may have seen our beautiful Citroen HY van on Alderley Edge Village Park.

Growing up with a love of vintage cars and motorcycles made it easy to fall in

love with our vintage van, a barn find from Southern France and acquired as a

shop front to stock our freshly made, unpasteurised glass bottles of pure

goodness! We dubbed her, Remedy On The Park.


We soon found appeal with health-conscious individuals and families, as well as the

uninitiated who discover that pressed beetroot, celery, or kale is actually

incredibly tasty and refreshing! Not least that every bottle contains a plethora of

potential health benefits. Demand has been growing for our distinctive bottles

of Remedy juice and especially for our juice cleanses.


We now supply a growing number of independents and office spaces. We're

proud of our Remedy van so you'll find us juicing and handing

out our wares at corporate, private and local events too.


Our juicing HQ moved from a small kitchen to our present unit in Marthall in April 2022.

This is where all our pressing and bottling is done by a small, dedicated team.


We’re proud of what we have achieved so far.

You can now place orders with us from our website (we love emails too!).

We happily deliver within a radius of Alderley Edge village directly to your doorstep.

Visit our online shop to place your order and see if we deliver to you.

If not email us, we love what we do so much we often can’t help making


Hope to see you soon!



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