Our Story

Moving to Alderley Edge from London five years ago with a young family, we spent a lot of time in the village park. The early mornings (too many to mention!) and the many afternoons with my little ones soon made it obvious what we were missing - a quality cup of coffee and snacks.

Around the same time, I began juicing and became intrigued by the health benefits that can be gained from drinking raw cold pressed fruit and vegetable juices. As an actor who has spent long periods away from home, touring or away on set, I know it’s not always easy to eat well and look after myself. I bought a juicer and began researching and reading religiously about nutrition and juicing. It was a timely and obvious way to help safeguard my health, and not least that of my children. Getting a healthy balance of the good stuff into my kids alongside the treats can be a bit of a battle! It was somewhat of a revelation that nutritious can be delicious! Not only this but it made simple sense to counter the onset of so called, ‘lifestyle diseases’ that too many of us predictably suffer from.

The more I thought and talked about it I realised there was need locally for a more wholesome offering. From the outset, sourcing local for produce and suppliers has been key, and to be as sustainable and organic as possible. Unpackaged, freshly made and unprocessed, appealing to health-conscious individuals and families alike. As soon as I saw a vintage Citroen HY van the idea evolved. I was immediately charmed by these beautiful old workhorses. Better still I discovered I could source one and repurpose it for what I needed. The two concepts fused, the idea had come full circle. Our village park was the obvious location and Remedy On The Park was born – a local juice and coffee bar promoting health, wellness and sustainability. 

It has taken a long time, but we have carefully developed our own cold pressed juices and smoothies to complement each other with a range of natural health benefits. Along with nearly all our nutritious treats they are produced in small batches by us.

Remedy On The Park is a new destination treating locals and visitors alike to fresh, natural cold pressed juices and smoothies, quality coffee and plant-based wellness lattes.

Come and find us in Alderley Village Park. We look forward to seeing you!

Jonathan Wrather