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 Plant based fuel, to boost performance or support an active life.


Almond M*lk, Banana, Flax Seeds, Tahini, Medjool Dates, Hemp Protein, Yellow Maca


Vitamins E, B6, B1, C / Healthy Fuel / Strong Heart / Brain Health / Energy


We love ACTIVE pre or post workout. Or simply for a healthy breakfast.

Almond m*lk is naturally high in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant with ant-inflammatory properties known to reduce oxidative stress. Vitamin E supports the immune system, cell function and skin health while studies have shown it may protect against cognitive decline and can benefit concentration.

We use Tahini for another antioxidant base, as well as for vitamins including Thiamin (vitamin B1) which helps with energy production.

Bananas naturally deliver potassium, carbohydrates, and contain fiber and vitamin B6. They are the perfect package for replenishing lost electrolytes, digestive health, and maintaining a healthy heart, and a great source of magnesium important for muscle and nerve function amongst other health benefits.

‘Super foods’ seem to proliferate these days, but flax seeds are truly worthy of the title. They are crammed with vitamins, a raft of minerals and Omega 3, and contain powerful antioxidants, natural compounds called lignans. Small but mighty these seeds are a great plant based protein source, which our bodies brake down in to amino acids for various processes like building muscle.

We add a Medjool date with a sweet caramely note, and which has it's own rich source of minerals and fibre.

Yellow maca among many health benefits supports energy, muscle and brain function, and can help with fatigue and overall wellbeing. ACTIVE is a force to be reckoned with!

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