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Sip Your Way to Strength: How Our Juices Are Helping Combat Frailty

Hey there juice lovers, we've got some exciting news for you! Remedy on The Park is back with another juicy piece of information for you. Today, we're discussing how the nutrients in our fruit juices and smoothies can help reduce frailty, enhance your health and wellbeing.

Now, before we jump in, let's quickly clarify what we mean by 'frailty.' Frailty, as defined by Age UK, is a state of health often associated with reduced muscle strength and fatigue. It's a condition often experienced by older individuals, affecting approximately 10% of those aged over 65, and between 25% and 50% of those aged over 85. But remember, being frail doesn't mean lacking the capacity to live a full and independent life. It's more about someone's resilience and their chance to recover quickly following health problems​.

Now, what's this got to do with our juices and smoothies? Let us explain.

A recent study has shown that certain fruits, like apples and blackberries, may help combat frailty. How? They're rich in flavonoids, specifically a type called quercetin, which could be a key player in preventing the health issues related to ageing.

Ingredients for Remedy on the Park juices

Quercetin is found in various fruits, vegetables, leaves, seeds, red onions, grains, and kale, and guess what? These are some of the key ingredients we use in our juices and smoothies. The study found that for every 10mg of flavanols (including quercetin) consumed per day, frailty was reduced by 20%. That's some powerful stuff, right?

Our juices and smoothies are chock-full of essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and natural enzymes that can contribute to your overall wellbeing and resilience. To put it into perspective, one medium-sized apple contains about 10mg of flavanols. So, incorporating our juices and smoothies into your diet can easily help you reach this beneficial intake level, giving your body the fuel it needs to stay strong, energetic, and well... less frail.

We're incredibly passionate about health, nutrition, and sustainability at Remedy on the Park. Every sip of our cold-pressed fruit and vegetable juices is a love letter to your body, handmade using the best quality, locally sourced produce​. We aim to support your healthy lifestyle and fortify your immunity, helping you to flush out toxins and boost your energy levels.

So, come join us at Remedy on the Park. Let's celebrate the power of nutrition and enjoy some delicious, cold-pressed juices and smoothies together. After all, who knew fighting frailty could be so refreshing?​

Drink up, stay strong, and let's make frailty a thing of the past! Louise xx
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